Sauna stove Atmosfera M KTT

Atmosphere M KTT - an ultra-compact wood-burning stove for a bath of a monolithic design made of cast iron with a thickness of 9-11 mm, grade ChKh-1; the volume of the steam room is 8 - 14 cubic meters. meters; combined heater: closed in AISI 439 stainless steel 3 mm thick and with a volume of 13 liters (18 - 25 kg of stones) equipped with a steam gun and open - steel mesh for 90 - 110 kg of stones; short fuel tunnel; door with screen 240×270 mm with ceramic glass 4 mm; weight 119 kg; production Russia 🇬🇧.

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Video review of the furnace for the bath Atmosphere M KTT on Youtube

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